Jay Freestyle

Tattoo Artist

Name: Jay Freestyle
Tattoo Style: Watercolor
Bio: One of the Og’s of the watercolour technique. Jay combines abstract, graphic realism and watercolour to bring you some of the most memorising tattoos you will ever see.

Originally born and raised in South Africa, tattoo artist and painter Jay Freestyle grew up in a conservative Chinese family during difficult times for his beloved home country. The absence of a real creative scene in Johannesburg forced him to immigrate more than 10 years ago and he has been living and working in Amsterdam ever since.

His artistic nature deeply inspired him to stray away from the traditional expectations of his family and rather develop his lifelong passion for body art.

Being self-taught, his techniques and style are always unconventional. All of his work is created on the spot and literally free-styled during the session. The spontaneity of his tattoos is the secret of what makes every single piece so unique. Breaking away from existing boundaries, the final artwork is always a great surprise to the collector.


Singel 434, 1017AV, Amstedam, NL
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+31 (0) 642 79 29 88
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